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Work on a Student Film

En Tierra Ajena y Desconocida

AFP Fiction
Producer: Emi Edwards
Director: Ricardo Villanueva Avalos

A Mexican family struggles to adapt to their recent move to Utah.
Contact: 626-223-5511


AFP Fiction
Producer: Lille Knudsen
Director: Bailey Jules Pack

Dollhouse tells the story of a woman who is cloned after her death by her grieving husband, despite her wishes to be let go.

Contact:, 801-739-4381

Ballad of the West Wind Kid

AFP Fiction
Producer: Zachary McDaniel
Directed By: Micah Gandola


AFP Fiction
Producer: Bailey Pack
Directed By: Steven Bartholomew

Urban Forager

AFP Non-Fiction
Producer: Maddie Beckstead
Directed By: Noah Richmond