The Theatre and Media Arts Department welcomes you to submit your internship or job postings so we can share them with our students.

About Theatre & Media Arts Internships

Theatre and Media Arts students are encouraged to extend their learning beyond campus and participate in an internship. Due to the nature of Theatre and Film, it is hard for the department to have a program where we can place students, since the industry is so project based. Because of this, the department tries hard to inform students of internship opportunities that are available. You can find these opportunities posted daily at the following online boards:

Media Arts Students: http://film.byu.edu/?page_id=2674
Theatre Students: tmastudent.wordpress.com

IMPORTANT: The University does not accept retroactive internship work for credit. You need to sign up for credit before you start your internship experience.

Internship Credit Steps

Once you find an internship, here are the steps for applying for internship credit:

Step 1: Secure your internship. Make sure you get in writing that you have been hired as an intern.

Step 2: Fill out the university’s Internship Application online, and make sure you indicate which TMA internship class you want to add.

Step 3: Set up an appointment with your TMA Internship Coordinator, Kyle Stapley (kyle_stapley@byu.edu) for Media Arts or Lindsi Neilson (lindsi_neilson@byu.edu) for Theatre. They will go over the forms and assignments needed to complete your internship credit application.

Step 4: Get your internship approved by your faculty advisor.

Step 5: Return all signed documents to your internship coordinator. Once it is received and approved, you will be added to your internship.

During your internship you are required to send weekly journals detailing your experiences as well as a final paper due during finals week.

Internship Packet

Internship Forms

The following forms require Adobe Reader. Applications, Agreements and Evaluations can either be submitted electronically or printed and submitted to the TMA Office in D-581 HFAC.

Full Internship Packet



Additional resources and services offered through BYU and other organizations to help jump-start your career.

University Career Services – links to various resources for employment/internship opportunities and tips.

BYU Alumni Careers – BYU’s alumni networking tool

Utah Film Commission – Learn about productions in Utah





Internship.com – BYU Promo Code: “cougars”


Zip Recruiter Theatre Internships

Zip Recruiter Media Arts Internships

Internship Databases

Media Arts Internship Database

The Media Arts Internship Database contains businesses within the film, animation and digital media industries that offer internship programs. This database is updated regularly as information becomes available. Students are encouraged to use this valuable tool while searching for a quality internship experience.

Download Media Arts Internship Database

Theatre Internship Database

The Theatre Internship Database contains theatre groups and businesses that offer internship programs. This database is updated regularly as information becomes available. Students are encouraged to use this valuable tool while searching for a quality internship experience.

Download Theatre Internship Database

Tips on Using the Database (Excel spreadsheet format)

The current database exists in spreadsheet format. To search for specific words:

  1. Open the Find utility (Toolbar-Edit-Find or command key +Fon a Mac or CTRL +F on a PC)
  2. Enter keyword into the Find what field within the pop-up window
  3. Click Find Next or press Enter on your keyboard to search for keyword

Unions and Guilds

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

Student Academy Awards

Academy Of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films

Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences

Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers

American Cinema Editors (ACE)

American Cinema Editors (ACE) Student Information

American Federation Of Musicians (AFM)

American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists (AFTRA)

American Film Institute

American Society Of Cinematographers (ASC)

American Society Of Composers, Authors & Publishers

Association Of Film Commissioners International

Association Of Independent Commercial Producers

Association Of Talent Agents

Casting Society Of America

Conference Of Personal Managers, Inc.

Directors Guild Of America (DGA)

Assistant Directors Training Program

Greater Los Angeles Press Club

Hollywood Arts Council

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (GOLDEN GLOBES)

International Documentary Association

Independent Filmmaker Program

International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) AND Moving Picture Operators Of The U.S. And Canada (MPMO)

International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

The Motion Picture Association Of America

The Motion Pictures Editors Guild – IATSE Local 700

Music Video Production Association

National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences

National Association Of Broadcast Employees And Technicians (NABET)

Producers Guild Of America (PGA)

Publicists of the Cinematographers

Guild Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Set Decorators Society Of America

Society Of Motion Picture And Television Engineers (SMPTE)

Theatre Communications Group

Women In Film

Writers Guild Of America, East (WGA)

Writers Guild Of America, West (WGA)

Tips for Success

Tips for Finding an Internship

  • Do some preliminary research. Write down what you want in your ideal internship: geography/location, industry, hours per week, pay, etc.
  • Meet with your department internship coordinator to discuss your options for internships.
  • Set up “info interviews” with potential employers-find out what kind of internships are available in your field and what employers are looking for.
  • Visit Web sites that list job and internship opportunities (ie. state job boards, indeed.com).
  • Remember that every internship could lead to full-time employment. Gaining related experience now will give you a step up on the competition later.

Sample Interview Questions:

  • What’s unique about you?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • What did you enjoy the most about your university studies?
  • Describe a major problem that you had in school and how you solved it.
  • Tell us about three accomplishments you are proud of.
  • Have you ever had any failures?
  • Describe your ideal job.
  • Why do you feel we should hire you for this position?

For more tips and resources, visit University Career Services.

Student Responsibilities

  1. The student’s first responsibility is to ensure that they have met all of the department’s prerequisites before seeking and obtaining an internship. Most students locate internships through their department’s internship office or on their own by pursuing a course of action similar to that of a job search. Once the student has secured an internship, he or she is responsible for contacting the department coordinator to initiate proper paperwork for the internship process.
  2. While completing the internship, you must remember that you represent BYU and the Theatre and Media Arts Department. All standards applicable to resident students at BYU are expected of you during your entire duration as a student whether on or off the campus. Your conduct and performance is critical to our program and our continued relationship with experience/internship provider. Remember, employment may be established through the internship experience.
  3. Tuition for the internship will be charged on a per credit basis.