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Non-major Opportunities

Become a Minor

The Theatre & Media Arts Department currently provides two minor programs for interested students: the Theatre Arts Studies Minor and the Media Arts Studies Minor. See the Theatre and Media Arts Minors Academic Plan (MAP) for more information.

Take TMA Courses

The Department of Theatre and Media Arts offers several general education courses and some elective courses that are available to all students:

Theatre Courses

  • TMA 111 – Performance Matters
  • TMA 115 – Introduction to Performance Studies
  • TMA 123 – Acting Fundamentals
  • TMA 140 – Script Analysis
  • TMA 160 – Theatre Production 1
  • TMA 201 – Dramatic Performance: Antiquity to Renaissance
  • TMA 202 – Dramatic Performance: Renaissance to the Present
  • TMA 256 – Stage Management 1
  • TMA 258 – Theatre Drafting
  • TMA 266 – Principles of Stage Craft
  • TMA 267 – Principles of Makeup

Media Arts Courses

  • TMA 102 – Intro to Film
  • TMA 187 – Beginning Production Management
  • TMA 392 – Children’s Media
  • TMA 458 – Media Literacy Education
  • TMA 384R – Practicum: Cinematic Skills (including sections for editing, cinematography, Adobe After Effects, and film sound)

Get Involved With BYU Theatre and BYU Film Productions

Non-majors are welcome to participate in all BYU Theatre and BYU Film productions as actors and as members of stage and film crews. Look for auditions on the bulletin board outside 1010 WCCB or on the website.

Get Involved With Theatre One-Act Productions

Everyone is welcome to participate in our One-Act Play Festival, presented at the end of each semester. These plays, directed by students enrolled in TMA 436, audition at the beginning of each semester, rehearse throughout the semester, and perform on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the end of the semester. One-Act performances are in the Black Box in 1010 WCCB. Look for auditions and calls for creative team members on the bulletin board outside 1010 WCCB or on the website.