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Costume & Prop Resources

An image of two actors
"Pride and Prejudice" George Wickham (Matt Kranz) and Elizabeth Bennett (Karli Hall). BYU Production of Pride and Prejudice. Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU. © BYU PHOTO 2014. All Rights Reserved.

B-Room Costume For TMA Classes and non-TMA departmental Use

“B-room” (WCCB 1332) houses the Theatre and Media Arts costume collection available for limited TMA student production and classroom use. TMA employs a part-time B-room Supervisor each semester to oversee costume stock use, control and maintenance.

B-Room Access – For TMA Student Class Use

The following TMA classes are approved for B-Room costume access:

MDT 228MDT Seminar
MDT 229Musical Scene Study
TMA 318Approaches to Directing
TMA 418Advanced Visual Storytelling
TMA 425Character Mask
TMA 424Advanced Acting
MDT 426MDT Senior Performance Project
TMA 436Advanced Directing Practicum
TMA 475Advanced Film Production
TMA 536RDirecting Workshop
Microburst New Play Festival
TMA Student Theatre Association-Sponsored events as approved by Department Chair
TMA Class-associated film productions as approved by Department Chair

All other TMA classes do not have access to the B-Room costume stock.

B-Room Access for non-TMA Campus Departmental Use

TMA has made its B-Room costume stock available to BYU Departments other than TMA under the following conditions:

  • Classroom or Class Project use only
  • No costumes for personal use by students or faculty
  • Approval of Costume Shop Manager
  • $25 use fee per costume to cover labor and maintenance
  • An approved departmental account billing number
  • Completion of a "B-room Access Costume Agreement" by a department representative

B-Room Costume Use Procedures

To make an appointment with the B-room supervisor, click the link below to sign-up for an appointment. Due to the B-room supervisor’s schedule, only appointments made at least 24 hours in advance can be guaranteed. Please check the list of approved classes/projects to see if you are qualified before scheduling an appointment. B room is in WCCB 1332.
Sign Up

  1. Please arrive promptly for your appointment. Bring with you:
    1. Picture research showing the types of costumes you need
    2. A complete list of the items needed
    3. Cast measurements for items needed
    4. Your student ID # (or Department Billing Code)
  2. Sign a “B-room Access Costume Agreement” and check out your costumes with the B- room supervisor.
  3. Storage closets will be assigned in the B-room facility for costume storage. Costumes may not be taken out of the building or stored in personal lockers unless approved by the Costume Shop Manager. Film/Art/MDT projects that would like to take costume pieces off campus must first receive permission from the Costume Shop Manager. The Shop Manager can be emailed at The B-room supervisor can advise these students on how to get in touch with the Costume Shop Manager.
  4. Make an appointment to return the costumes within a week of your last performance. There is a late fee of $2.00 per costume per day late.
  5. Any costume that is altered by the borrower must be returned to its original state before return. Any trim or decoration added to the costume by the borrower must be removed before return.
  6. In the case of loss or damage to any costume, the borrower will be billed for the cost to repair or replace the costume. This charge will go to your student account.
  7. A costume rack and dressing screen are available for the Blackbox backstage use during productions. These should be kept backstage during performances. Halls must be kept clear at all times.