The Young Company serves as a training ground for both BYU actors and teaching artists wanting to work in theatre for young audiences. The group performs in front of 16,000 young people each year on topics that deal with everyday struggles encountered by people of all ages. For more information, visit BYU Young Company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you are interested in auditioning or would like to have The Young Company perform at your school, please contact Becky Wallin at (801) 229-1073 or

Romeo y Julieta

This year our Shakespeare Company will present Romeo y Julieta, adapted and directed by Julia Ashworth.  Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy will be coming to you this year with an exciting twist.  Romeo y Julieta is a bi-lingual production that will be performed in English and Spanish.  The long standing feud between the Montagues and Capulets causes tragic results for the young star-crossed lovers.  Miscommunication between young people in the play and the adults in their lives also contributes to the tragic outcomes. This production will highlight the role communication plays in the lives of Romeo and Julieta.  Don’t miss this opportunity to expose your students to a classic.  Click to download the tour schedule and the study guide for Romeo y Julieta. (For Spanish translation of study guide, click here.)

The Glorious Story Emporium

Our Contemporary Company will present The Glorious Story Emporium, directed by Patrick Livingston and created by Patrick, the cast, and your students! The Glorious Story Emporium is a troupe of traveling storytellers who have collected tales from all over the world.  Using anything and everything available to them they create stories right before your eyes.  Using improvisation, costume, props and imagination, each show is unique and told using suggestions from the audience. The result is a brand new fairytale, created in the moment that exists only for the moment with those who watched and contributed and created – The Glorious Story Emporium. Click to download the tour schedule and the study guide for The Glorious Story Emporium.

Young Company History

Water Sings Blue – Fall 2015

Our Contemporary Company will present Water Sings Blue, based on the Kate Coombs’ award winning poetry book of the same name, directed by Teresa Dayley Love.  Water Sings Blue celebrates the shore and the deep of the ocean through poetry and motion.  We meet characters on the beach and characters in the sea. We become involved in their stories as we are invited to play in the sand and splash in the waves. Actors speak the poetry, but the show is highly interactive and imaginative, with lots of playful give and take between performers and the audience in this in-the-round staging.  Because, bottom line, a day at the beach is full of fun! Click to download the tour schedule and the study guide for Water Sings Blue. 

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Twelfth Night – Winter 2016

This year our Shakespeare Company will present Twelfth Night, adapted and directed by Megan Sanborn Jones. Rip-roaring action and high-faultin’ song and dance numbers meet Shakespeare’s poetry in this cowboy version of Twelfth Night that encourages audience members of all ages to look beneath outward appearances and value people.  So grab your hats, buckle on your spurs, and come on over for the best little Shakespeare show in the West.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2015

This year our Shakespeare Company will present A Midsummer Night’s Dream, adapted and directed by Nat Reed. The Bard’s popular comedy about the struggles of love comes to life at the hands—or, rather, the strings—of a troupe of handmade marionettes.  Children will be captivated as they watch the antics of fairies and humans in one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Click here to download the study guide for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and click here to download the tour schedule.


The Fisherman and His Wife 2014

Our Contemporary Company will present The Fisherman and His Wife, adapted from the Grimm brothers’ story by Larry and Vivian Snipes, directed by Nestor Bravo Goldsmith. This tale of the fisherman who catches an enchanted fish and uses his three wishes to secure happiness for his wife is a delightful play that taps into the magic of the imagination through clever storytelling and audience participation.  Children will learn that harmony and sensibility are better than greed and the never ending thirst for more.
Click here to download the study guide for The Fisherman and His Wife, and click here to download the tour schedule. The lesson plan for the workshop for 3rd graders is also available.


Cymbeline 2014

Fairy tale or mystery–how will you choose to see this fiction unfold? Shakespeare’s action-packed romance gets the double treatment (and a happy ending!) in two special adaptations for young people: fairy tale (great for youngsters) or noir mystery (perfect for the young-at-heart). Exploring the Bard’s themes of mistaken identity, innocence wronged, and jealousy, Cymbeline tells the story of a princess in a pickle, her banished husband, a villainous queen, and lots of mayhem in Britain. Caution–audience participation ahead!
Click here to download the study guide for Cymbeline, and click here to download the tour schedule.

Cymbeline performed January 30 – February 7 2014.

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The Nightingale 2013

The majesty, grace, and poetic ritual of ancient China are vividly depicted in this engrossing tale of the emperor who neglects the lyrical song of a humble nightingale for the artificial splendor of a mechanical bird. Performed in English and Mandarin and influenced by the traditions of Peking Opera, The Nightingale invites us to ponder the true worth of the things we value most. “Do not be deceived by glitter and show. A true voice and a gentle heart are all you will ever need.”
Click here to download the study guide for The Nightingale, and click here to download the tour schedule.

The Nightingale performed September 27 – October 12 2013.

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