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Media Arts (Film)
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The Media Arts Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts Studies as well as a minor in Media Arts Studies. The application process is nearly the same for the Major and Minor with the exception of a few elements. The application process requires time, critical analysis, creativity and outstanding performance in the Media Arts prerequisite classes.

Because of the University’s policy on high credit hours, students are allowed only two opportunities to apply to the Media Arts Program. This includes Major and Minor applicants.

Second majors (exclusive of some language second majors) are rare and must be approved by the college advisement center supervisors involved and the dean of the college responsible for the primary major. Petitions for a double major must be submitted prior to earning 75 BYU hours (excluding language exam credits).

The Department of Theatre and Media Arts will not support a double major with two limited enrollment programs.

The Media Arts Program is seeking students who are and can learn to be analytical, collaborative, creative, teachable, and responsible.

Media Arts Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester:
Friday November 8th, 2024
November 14th & 15thWinter 2025
WinterTBASpring or Fall 2025
Application Steps
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Be accepted by BYU as a continuing day student

Register as a Pre-Media Arts Major (Major Applicants only)

Visit the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center in 1190 WCCB or by phone (801) 422-3777.

Complete or be enrolled in the following Prerequisite classes:

  • TMA 102: Introduction to Film (It is strongly recommended that transfer students register or audit TMA 102, as it is an introduction to the skills necessary for the Media Arts Program and Application)
  • TMA 187: Beginning Production Management

Applicants should complete TMA 102 and TMA 187 with a grade of B or better. Students can apply to the program the same semester they are enrolled in TMA 102 and TMA 187; final acceptance is dependent upon successful completion of these courses.

Grad Plan

Each Media Arts applicant must complete a grad plan and meet with the CFAC advisor, Becca Weidner. Both Becca and your faculty advisor will need to sign your grad plan. Grad plans will be uploaded, along with other materials, to your Media Arts Application.

Major Grad PlanMinor Grad Plan


To begin the online application visit You will need to create a Slideroom Account to access the application. Note: The application requires a $5 processing fee. You will be prompted for payment when you submit your finished application.

Start Online Application 

The online application consists of the following elements:

  • Applicant Information
  • A Letter of Introduction: Use this letter to introduce yourself to the Media Arts Faculty. Please include a biographical introduction, your family and cultural background, what you have learned from life and work experiences, and how they have steered you as an artist to apply to the Media Arts Program.
  • Eight Most Significant List: Please list eight films, television programs, books, websites, music, plays, video games or other media/art you have read/viewed/experienced that has influenced you as an artist (please do not include the scriptures or a film viewed in TMA 102). These significant works should reflect a range of inquiry and experience.
  • Critical Analysis Essays: You are required to watch a pre-selected film and write a critical analysis essay where you will identify a theme and explain how one particular element supports that theme. Cite concrete examples from the film. Do NOT consult secondary sources (i.e. reviews, books, internet sites, TMA 102 text) when writing your essays. These are analyses that demonstrate critical skills learned in TMA 102. The title of the selected film are located within the critical analysis section of the online application. The film is on reserve at the HBLL Media Center.
  • Creative Sample Video (Major Applicants Only): As part of this year’s Major application, you are required to create and submit a short non-fiction (documentary) film. This film must be no longer than 3 minutes total running time. This sample should be a new project made specifically for this application. You, and only you, must write, direct, shoot, and edit your film. The subject of your film cannot be yourself.
  • Analysis of your Creative Sample (Major Applicants Only): Using the critical skills developed in TMA 102, analyze (not summarize) your creative sample video by explaining its theme. What creative decisions did you make to communicate that theme? Where were you successful? Where does the film fall short of your expectations?

Scan and upload documents

After you obtain all the needed signatures, digitize your graduation plan into a PDF and attach it to your online application. (There are scanners available in the HBLL or you can have our front office digitize it and email it to you. NOTE: To avoid a rush, the TMA office will only digitize documents up to a week before the submission deadline)

Submit the Application

Finish the remaining application elements online, pay the $5 processing fee, and submit the application before the deadline.

Interview with the faculty

An important part of the Media Arts Program Application is the interview with the faculty. Interviews are held the week after the application due date. Prior to the interview, applicants are required to select and watch one of the approved films from the Media Arts Application Interview Instructions and Films Page. In the interview, applicants will be asked to identify the theme of the film they viewed and explain what creative choices the filmmaker used to communicate that theme. The interview will last only 4-5 minutes, so answers will need to be brief. Interview signups begin the day after the application due date. Referencing notes on a 3×5 notecard during your interview is acceptable as long as you do not read your response from the card. Please remember to dress appropriately, similarly to a job interview, and follow all BYU dress and grooming standards.

– Notification of Acceptance: Students are notified about the faculty’s decision about 4 weeks after applying.

Media Arts Program Questions

  • Department of Theatre & Media Arts
  • 157 WCO
  • 801-422-6645

Pre-Major Academic Advisement

  • College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • 1190 WCCB
  • 801-422-3777

Media Arts Program Coordinator