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Access Meeting

Media Arts (Film)

What is Access Meeting?

The purpose of the Media Arts Lab (MAL) Access Meeting is to help students obtain equipment and resource access beyond the access granted to them in their classes. In addition to helping students obtain access, MAL is tasked to protect university resources by reviewing requests and making sure students are prepared to use the equipment/resources properly.

When Do I Need It?

Access is needed for the following situations:

  • When a student is requesting equipment beyond their class-approved equipment lists
  • Requesting Beginning and Advanced Practice exercises
  • Advanced Fiction and Nonfiction Production Projects


Access meetings must take place at least one week before the desired reservation time. To schedule a time to meet with the MAL at our Access Meeting, follow the instructions here:

During the meeting, you will be asked to explain why you need the equipment and are expected to demonstrate your competence and understanding of the equipment you are requesting.

Media Arts Equipment is reserved only for use in Media Arts classes and MA faculty/MAL-approved projects. Equipment cannot be checked out for students’ personal or commercial projects.