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Theatre Arts Studies: Dsign & Tech Specific Classes

TMA 160—Theare Production 1
A practical survey of the areas of technical theatre: scenery/props, costumes/makeup, lighting, and sound.
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TMA 256 – Stage Management I
Principles and objectives of stage management. Prepares students for work as assistant and production stage managers.
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TMA 258 – Theatre Drafting
Basic training in manual and computer-aided drafting as well as visualization for theatre.
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TMA 259 – Principle of Design for Stage and Screen
Survey of visual design principles for theatre, film, television and related media; collaborative team techniques; research theory; script analysis; production concept; applied approaches to costume, scenic, lighting, makeup, property and sound design.
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TMA 260R – Theatre Production II
Beginning practical experience in specialized shops or backstage experience on realized productions.
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TMA 266 – Principles of Stage Craft

TMA 315R – Special Projects 2: Theatre

TMA 316 – Theatre and Media Arts Instruction: Theatre

TMA 356R – Assistant Stage Management II

TMA 360R – Theatre Production III

TMA 362 – Costume Design

TMA 363 – Scenic Design

TMA 364 – Lighting Design

TMA 365 – Sound Design

TMA 366R – Production Topics

TMA 367 – Makeup Design

TMA 368- Scenic Art

TMA 369R – Design Practicum

TMA 369 R – Design and Tech Projects

TMA 379R – Design Studio

TMA 460 – Portfolio

TMA 462 – History of Costume

TMA 463 – Production Design

TMA 465 – Sound Reinforcement

TMA 469 – Theater Management

TMA 479R – Advanced Design

TMA 479R – Advanced Design: Costumes

TMA 479R – Advanced Design: Lighting

TMA 479R – Advanced Design: Makeup

TMA 479R – Advanced Design: Scenic

TMA 479R – Advanced Design: Sound

TMA 479R – Advanced Techniques in Stage Management

TMA 489R – Production Leads