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Production Assistant and Grips

Hello! I am Michelle Snow, a film student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am currently producing a University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts MFA Thesis film, "DEMON CORE" directed by award winning director J. Zachary Thurman. The DEMON CORE is a winner of the Sloan grant.

Logline: "Los Alamos scientist, Louis Slotin, faces a split-second decision when an unstable Plutonium Core he's responsible for goes into a critical reaction"

We are looking for a number of on-set roles to be filled, including PA's, grips, and art Pa's.

All experience levels are welcome. The Shoot will take place at the Historic Wendover Air Force Base, where films such as Independence Day and Con Air have also been shot. Filming will take place the first two weeks of April 2024.

Being a student film, all these positions are volunteer-based. All volunteers will receive a copy of the film, credit, and meals every day they are on set.

We are happy for interested individuals to help on days when they are available. We can make a schedule having you there for a day or two if you are unavailable for the entire production, don't want to make the drive too many days back to back, etc.

I am happy to answer any additional questions via email.

If you are interested please contact me at