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Post Production Audio Job at BYUtv

AUDIO JOB at BYUtv!! ATTENTION STUDENTS INTERESTED IN AUDIO!! We are looking to hire someone interested in Post Audio Production at BYUtv. Please respond quickly as we are looking to fill this coveted position ASAP. This is a Post Audio position. You will mix audio for television shows, promos, and audio dramas for BYU Radio. We use Pro Tools to mix Dialogue, Sound Effects and Music. We have state of the art equipment and utilize the latest, greatest plug-ins for audio restoration, EQ, compression, reverb, etc.

We have enjoyed working with TMA majors in the past and this position will prepare you for work in the industry immediately after graduation. Some of our previous employees from the TMA program include Jared Richardson, David Crocker, Schwa Alvarez, and Tyler Judkins. All of which are working full time in audio production.

If you are interested, please email a resume, references and any demo material to Cayson Renshaw at
You can find the official job listing on the Y jobs website.
Job Title: Audio Editor/Sound Mixer. Job ID: 129100