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Music Video Producer

BYU Music Group (BYUMG) is looking for a driven, self-motivated Media Arts student to help produce music videos for BYU performing ensembles such as BYU Vocal Point, BYU Noteworthy, BYU Men’s Chorus, and more. The Producer would be a key member of our internal Content Development Team and will work directly with the BYUMG Executive Producer and staff, the directors/conductors of the ensembles, and members of the ensembles.

The Producer would work closely with the Executive Producer to help oversee budgets and schedules. The Producer would oversee music video projects from inception to delivery of project.

Development duties
- Work with BYUMG staff and ensembles to create concept pitches for each music video for the BYUMG Executive Producer to review and approve.
- Help develop a script for the music video shoot based on the approved concept.

Production duties
- Facilitate production of the music videos with both internal staff and external contractors/production companies as needed by the Executive Producer, including
    * Contracting with directors, DPs, editors, lighting companies, etc.
    * Finding and securing shooting locations/venues.
    * Creating and disseminating call sheets.
- Coordinate with key support areas at BYUMG to ensure success with marketing, digital media, and distribution of the music video.

Wage: $15/hour
Hours: 10-20/week
Schedule: Flexible (and variable on shoot days)