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Humanitas College Screenwriting Awards

April 15 Deadline Approaching!

The College Screenwriting Awards are now open for submissions!

Humanitas annually awards two prizes which recognize excellent student screen and television writing: The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Award and The Carol Mendelsohn College Drama Award. The Humanitas College Screenwriting Awards recognize writers whose work advances the Humanitas mission and who are currently enrolled in a college or university program.

As part of that mission, Humanitas seeks to recognize work that explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way. This also includes championing stories which and writers who, for varying reasons, may go overlooked by the traditional marketplace.

The two student-writers selected each receive a trophy at the annual Humanitas Prizes event, a $20,000 cash prize, and additional benefits.

Humanitas recognizes that students are often in a precarious position as they transition into the labor market, and a cash prize of this magnitude grants students flexibility post-graduation by mitigating moving expenses, defraying the cost of tuition, or funding creative projects that would otherwise not be financially feasible.

DEADLINES and SUBMISSION FEESRegular Deadline: April 1 ($30 Submission Fee)Final Deadline: April 15 ($35 Submission Fee)

Eligibility and Submission Guidelines