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Funny Capmus Saftey Video with Cosmo

We are filming a short video with Cosmo and need some videographers/editors! The filming will only take one hour and the video will only be about 30 seconds. 

This is a volunteer request and your name will be in the credits which we anticipate will be seen by thousands of students! 

There will be QR codes on doors around campus linking to the video. The safety issue that will be addressed is students propping open secure doors. This becomes a serious safety hazard since anyone can then enter campus buildings. This is especially dangerous at night or in student housing facilities. When a door alarm is activated (after about 30 seconds) security and police personal are alerted and must respond. These QR codes and the video will help reduce this issue. We are hoping to post collaboratively with Cosmo if possible.

In the video, a student will be carrying things into a Heritage Halls building and will prop the door open. A ninja-type person will be sneaking around the bushes or areas nearby (perhaps to the song Thriller by Michael Jackson) and Cosmo will notice. He will do some sort of cool trick/flip and secure the door just in time. This will be filmed at night. 

Let me know if you are interested in participating!

Brooke Zaugg
Media Specialist