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Doctor Who Animation Project - The Restored Season 23!

Black Glove Studio is assembling an animation team to bring to visual life Doctor Who's Lost Season 23.

This is a set of six stories which were never produced for television when the program was placed on an 18-month hiatus in 1985.

Our goal is to animate these stories for the enjoyment of Doctor Who fans and as a tribute to the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, the lead actor of this lost season.

We welcome any and all artists with any and all animation skills: character design, prop design, costume design, background design, scene painting, illustrations, 2d animation, 3d animation, etc.

We have several animators already assembled and we invite everyone interested to expand their art portfolio and love of Doctor Who to join us.

This is currently a volunteer project. We know how busy everyone is with their craft, and so are we, so anyone who joins us has good company!

Any and all interested can contact Chris McKeon, email:, phone: 5623093890, Twitter: @StudioGlove, Facebook: Black Glove Studio