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Direction Films Paid Internships

Direction Films is offering paid internships in post production for a documentary film. We are looking for a few talented students who can do supervised part-time work in editing, graphic design, and music score composition to help finish the movie "America’s Book, The Miracle." This film is about the message of freedom and Liberty in the Book of Mormon. Filming has been completed in Israel, Mexico, and several places in the U.S. and is now in post production.

Students will be working under the direction of, Robert Hatch, a BYU graduate and former BYU Adjunct Professor. I taught film production classes, including film editing, at BYU. This internship will pay of $15.00 per hour (independent contract work). This is an estimated six week part time post production internship. We would like to begin as soon as possible.

We are looking for three or more serious talented Interns:
1) Skills in film editing using Avid Media Composer. We could use two or maybe three talented students.
2) Skills in graphic design to make graphics that illustrate some concepts expressed in the film, and also titles and lower thirds. Skills in Adobe After Effects would be good. We could use two students.
3) A composer to make an original score, who has access to film composing software that uses sampled music (we don't have the budget for live instruments).

My office is at 9075 South 1300 East, Suite 206, Sandy, Utah. Students would orient at my office, but primarily work on their own time and at their own location. I will provide each one with a hard drive with all video originals, and they can send me Avid timeline files, via email attachment, that will display their edits on my Avid for me to screen. I can talk to them to give supervision over the phone or zoom while we each view our computer screens of the same edit list they have sent.


If you are interested in applying for this internship, please reach out to Robert Hatch If you have any reels or examples of your work that you can share, that would be helpful.