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COSTA RICA Music Video!

In search of volunteer actors to perform in an official Church music video that will take place in Costa Rica. ALL EXPENSES PAID, including Airfare, Lodging, Food, and Transportation.

Song: If You Believe by Strive to Be
Apple Music:

Dates: September 21-24, incl. travel

Age: 18-21
Gender: Male or Female
Ethnicity: Preferably Latin American to represent the people of Costa Rica
Experience: Prior acting preferred, but not required
Other: Must be physically fit enough to run, hike, and swim

*Must have valid U.S. Passport*

Please email your audition to:

Include in audition email:
- Name and age
- Current location (city, state)
- Photo
- Prior Experience
- REQUIRED: 30-60 second audition video including the above information

Please share with anyone who would be interested!