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Theatre Arts Education (K-12)

The Theatre Arts Education (K-12) program is a limited enrollment program. Acceptance to the Theatre Education BA is by application only.

To apply:

1. Applicants must have been accepted by BYU as a continuing day student prior to applying to the major.

2. Applicants must register as a Theatre Arts Studies Major or Pre-Theatre Arts Education Major in the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center (1190 WCCB) to allow enrollment in prerequisite courses.

3. Applicants must complete or be enrolled in pre-requisite courses (TMA 115, TMA 160, TMA 276). Applicants must complete each course with a c+ or better and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. If currently enrolled, applicant must indicate their current status by having faculty post grade and initial check list.

4. Complete a background check, and fingerprinting through the McKay School of Education.

Have taken and passed the reading, math, and writing portions of the ACT.