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Theatre Department hosts final HFAC Slab Christmas Party

Slab 5.jpg

The Theatre department hosted one last goodbye to the HFAC for its alumni on December 10. The joint Christmas and HFAC celebration started with the idea of giving alumni the chance to come and see the building one last time.

Drawing on traditions from past Slab Family Christmas parties, the event included the classic reading of the Grinch around the north slab. Participants gathered in a circle and took turns each reading one page and signing it before passing it along. Stephanie Breinholt comments, ”Hopefully we can establish a new tradition of reading the Grinch in the new building.”

When Slab Family Christmas parties first began in the 1990’s, students would hang their Christmas stockings on the railing of the north slab during the day. Throughout the day, they would put treats, quotes, and nice notes in each other’s stockings and meet around the north slab that evening for the party. This year, the department hung pictures of the HFAC that guests took home after as one final goodbye gift.

Close to 200 theatre alumni and current and past faculty attended the party, which was catered by Marvelous Catering. Guests enjoyed the time to visit and reminisce about their time in the HFAC together. The party was a success– giving alumni the chance to reconnect and be in the space that was so impactful for them for one final time.