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Teaching Assistant (TA) for TMA 224 Acting for Film and TV

Teaching Assistant for:
TMA 224 Acting for Film and Television

*Attend each session of TMA 224 Acting for the Camera. (Six hours per week.  TA position is for a ten-hour work week to add set-up time and minimal editing.)

Contact Tim Threlfall if interested

* Fall:  MWF 1:00-3:00

*Winter: T-Th  12:00-2:50 PM

*Set-up/strike equipment in WC 1150 (Camera, boom microphone, small light kit—2 instruments all stored in the room)

*Tape (audio/visual) each session as needed.

*Have playback ready for in-class use.

*Record three short acting ‘projects’ for each team of two students with minimal editing. Usually three shots per scene with a long shot, and two close-ups. Other ‘shots’ at the discretion of the instructor and the TA. 

*Tape final project ‘on location’ at the instructor’s home in Orem.

*Contribute your experience and expertise during class discussions.

*Create a BOX that students can access with their recorded material as well as class Guests that will sometimes view student work before they visit the class. 

*The goal is to have each student (usually 12) on camera every day of class.  We usually achieve that.  

*We use existing screens in the room as a monitor so students can watch what is being taped both live and on screen.