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Theatre Production Position Application


Plays produced on the Theatre Main Stage season serve as a laboratory for our students. Students are encouraged to apply to work in production positions on these shows.

Application periods for available positions in design and tech, dramaturgy, stage management, and directing take place in fall and winter semesters for productions that will start work in the following semester. These production assignments typically take two semesters to complete. For example, the students who applied for production assignments during fall semester 2018 started working on their production assignments during winter semester 2019, and the productions were performed during fall semester 2019.

Directing, Dramaturgy, and Stage Management use the fall semester application round to fill production assignments for shows that perform in the following fall and winter semesters. During the winter application round, they accept applications to fill any vacant positions.

Design fills production assignments one semester at a time. That means there are open positions for design production assignments during both fall and winter applications rounds.

For the winter semester 2021 application round there are two priority application dates:

  • Assistant director priority application date: March 24, 2021
  • Design, dramaturgy, and stage management priority application date: March 24,

Click the respective links below to apply.

Assistant Director Application

If you are interested in assistant direction please speak directly to Kris Peterson.

Design, Stage Management, and Dramaturgy Application

If you missed the priority application deadline, you may apply for any positions that are still
open until the start of the next semester. Please fill out the application for the area that you
are interested in and email to let him know that you applied. (We
do not check the application page for new applicants after the priority deadline.)

If you would like to have the production application links emailed to you when the next
production application round starts please click on the mailing list link and fill in your contact

Mailing List

If you have questions about production assignments in general or the application process,
please contact the following individuals:

Design and Technology – Michael Kraczek

Dramaturgy – Shelley Graham

Stage Management – Jennifer Reed
HFAC B-236

Directing – Kris Peterson