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Live Streaming FAQs

  • Streaming begins about 5 minutes prior to the posted start times and is only active during live performances. Please make sure that you take time zones into account when consulting the live streaming schedule. All concert times are listed as MST.

  • If the stream stops or won’t load, refresh the page and click the play button to reload. Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection that is fast enough for video and audio streaming. We apologize for any possible interruptions or technical difficulties that may arise during performances. Please note that audio or visual disruptions are subject to sources beyond our control.

  • Prior to the actual start of the concert, you should see the BYU logo with background audio. Once the concert begins, the stream will switch to live video and audio of the concert.

  • Due to the limits of our live performance licensing, playscan only be broadcast live and are not available after the performance in any form.

  • No. Due to our licensing contracts, live-streamed performances may only be viewed at