In order to better support departments within the BYU community in the implementation and usage of Learning Suite, the Center for Teaching and Learning has produced the Learning Suite Implementation Support Manual. This manual is available for download below.

This comprehensive 191-page manual includes extensive tutorials on the method of employing Learning Suite with courses, as well as with non-traditional uses through the “Communities” feature of Learning Suite.

Tips for Using the Manual

The Learning Suite Implementation Support Manual is easily searchable in the PDF format through these three methods of finding desired topics:

  1. Within the PDF, navigate to pages 6 through 8, wherein the main Table of Contents appears. Scroll through the topics and subtopics there presented. The title of any topic can be clicked and the document will jump to the corresponding page.
  2. An inclusive index begins on page 187 of the manual. Similar to the Table of Contents, any topic, when clicked, will jump to the corresponding page.
  3. Within the document, a search box will appear if you press “CONTROL” + “F” (on a PC) or “COMMAND” + “F” (on a Mac). There, you can type the desired search items and all pages where those terms appear will be highlighted for easy viewing.

If you experience technical difficulties with Learning Suite, the Office of Information Technology is available to assist you. To contact them, simply dial extension 2-4000 from a campus telephone or 801-422-4000 from other lines.