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Register using Envelopes

If you are having difficulty adding TMA 185 & TMA 105 to your schedule, please note that you must use envelopes for these classes. Envelopes are a way to register for certain classes that require a companion class - in this case, TMA 105 and TMA 185 MUST be registered together. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to your page and login.
  2. Under the “School” tab, you should have an icon for “MyMap”. Click on that. A new window should open with your picture and contact information on the left.
  3. Across the top you’ll see “Student Summary” “Progress Report” and “Register”. Click on “Register".
  4. On this new page, scroll down until, in the blue bar with white letters, you see the semester for which you are trying to register.
  5. You should see any classes you’ve already registered for, probably in your cart.
  6. You’ll also see a blue button with “Add a Class” in white letters, and to the right of that, a grey button with “Add an Envelope” in white letters. Click “Add an Envelope” for the correct semester.
  7. On the next page, you’ll see a dropdown that says “Select Envelope Type”. Click that and choose “TMA” from the drop down.
  8. A new drop down will appear that reads “Select Envelope Category”. Click that and the only option there should be TMA 185 & 105. Select that and a new window will appear.
  9. At this new window, you’ll see the two available options. Select which envelope will be best for you by clicking on the cart icon at the left, or the “C”.
  10. A pop-up will appear that reads “Save to Cart”. If you don’t see the pop-up, make sure you have pop-ups enabled in your browser. If you’re happy with the envelope you’ve selected, click “Save to Cart” otherwise you can cancel. This should add your envelope to your cart.