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"CAGED" (1950) Exclusive Vintage Film Projection

This week we are featuring CAGED (1950) this Thursday, Nov 3, 3pm, in the Library Auditorium.

For this month, we are viewing film noir titles or at least gritty urban post-war cinema. Directed by John Cromwell. Starring Eleanor Parker and Agnes Moorehead. Never heard of it? Probably. Come check it out.

This film features the music of Max Steiner! That is why the archive had it prioritized.

This is a ‘women in prison’ film. This is an exploitation film genre that exists even to this day. This was an influential post-war addition to the group that would mark when a film took place entirely in the prison.

Corruption. Abuse. The hardening of a tender soul and heart in the prison system. What is redeeming or enlightening here? What does this tell us about 1950?

What you missed last week: Cactus roses. A magnificently-directed sequence that I am still in wonder about (the restaurant scene). Politics in the transitioning West.