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Actors wanted for a Romance Book trailer

We are looking for three lead actors and one minor actor for a three-minute trailer for a romance novel. Each role has dialogue, no kissing will be expected, and the story is clean. 

Cassie Carmichael: One brunette female, pretty. Age 18-25
Coleman deCourcy: One male with black hair who is tall and handsome. Age 20-28. Someone who can do a British accent.
Lucas Prescott: One male with light brown hair, golden brown hair, dirty blonde, etc. Handsome. Age 20-28. Someone who can do a British accent.

Lydia: Strawberry blonde hair/red hair. Age 18-25. 

Filming will take place in late July and will be over the course of a few days, and we will be filming in multiple locations here in Utah between Salt Lake City and Provo. $100 will be paid to each main actor (Cassie, Coleman, Lucas).
$30 will be paid to the smaller role (Lydia). She will be in one scene and will do one voice over clip.

TO APPLY: email me at or message me on Instagram @kayla_lafroth with your headshot and a clip of your voice. You can also ask me for the script and more information if you aren't sure yet about applying.

About me: I am a BYU Student in the Advertising Program.