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Westminster College returns to BYU to present the story of Herakles

Westminster College will present a new production of Sophocles’ tragic play “Women of Trachis” as part of their annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival. The rarely performed tragedy will stop at BYU during its Utah tour, playing in the de Jong Concert Hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center on Monday, Sept. 24, at 5 p.m.

This year’s installment of the festival is directed and adapted by Javen Tanner and will use masks and medieval-inspired elements to bring a distinct and vivid interpretation to the production.

The tale of jealousy and betrayal follows Deianira as her husband, Herakles, is away at war. After learning that Herakles has been unfaithful, Deianira sends him a love charm given to her by one of her husband’s fallen foes, a centaur named Nessos.

In his dying moments, however, Nessos lied to Deianira, and the love charm is revealed to instead be a deadly poison. After receiving word that her gift has initiated her husband’s slow, painful decline, Deianira kills herself with a sword, leaving Herakles to curse his wife and prepare for his own death.

“Women of Trachis” opens on Sept. 6 in Westminster College’s Courage Theatre before beginning its tour. The tragedy marks the 48th year of the Classical Greek Theatre Festival.

For tickets to the BYU performance on Sept. 24, visit the BYU Ticket Office in the HFAC or Marriott Center, call 801.422.2981 or visit  

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