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1 Hour Video/Audio Recording

What: We're looking for five diverse, agile, engaging actors (ideally international students) who can participate in a 1-2 hour video shoot to capture a simple team interaction which will be used in a training video. Preparation is not required but if desired we will provide a script which can be reviewed beforehand.

Where: BYU Library

When: I would like to record on Thursday, Aug 17 at 1:00pm. However, if you are interested but not available for that day/time, please contact me and we can look at other options.

Pay: $35/hour

Apply: To apply, please contact Justin by August 15th or text to 801.369.0401. Please send a short audition video of yourself reading the following lines:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Context: Cheng is a technical expert and Zara is his supervisor. Cheng has asked Zara to coach him through a challenge he has.

Read lines from both Z and C:

Z: Oh, hello Cheng. Glad you’re here. I heard you’re doing well on your project.
C: Yes. Thank you. I have an important question and I hope you can tell me what to do.
Z: (smiling) Okay. I’m happy to help and I have confidence that YOU can figure this out! So, I’ll ask questions and listen. 
C: Okay. Well, what questions do you have? 
Z: Why don’t you tell me about your TARGET. What are you trying to accomplish?
C: My big project is going well, but Michelle from the other department is not happy with it. I don’t think the project will be successful if she isn’t supportive. I want to convince her to support the project. 
Z: That seems like a good target. Do you feel it’s possible?
- - - - - - - - - - -

About: At Sustainability Accelerator (, we accelerate scalable global sustainability by facilitating community engagement and building local leadership capability, so that in-the-trenches change agents have the energy, skills, teams, and network needed to build a sustainable world. 

Rights: We are a Benefit Corporation and the product of this work will be used in commercial and non-profit settings. We will retain rights to the work and we are happy to share a copy of the final material with you so that you can use it in your portfolio.