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WARLOCK (1959)

Exclusive vintage film projection in Library Auditorium, Thursday, March 23, 3pm.


The BYU Motion Picture Archive this week is screening a 16mm print of WARLOCK (1959) as part of the ongoing “Archive Afternoons” on THURSDAY at 3pm in the Library Auditorium.

This week we have a special treat! 

In Color!

In Cinemascope!

Filmed in Utah!

Warlock is a 1959 American Western film produced and directed by Edward Dmytryk starring Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn and Dorothy Malone.

The film is both set and filmed in Utah, named after a small fictional mining town in Utah, “Warlock.”

It stars two television stars before they hit it big:

DeForest Kelley (STAR TREK’s Dr. McCoy)

Frank Gorshin (BATMAN’S the Riddler)

Why the archive has it:

Filmed near Moab, Utah, this is a great example of the film industry in Utah!

If you don’t know what cinemascope means, then come check out how we bend light!

***March 23 3pm Library Auditorium, first floor***

The film series:

All are invited to attend an exclusive vintage screening on 16mm celluloid. View the film print with an audience, see how projection worked, learn about the materiality of the medium, as well as discuss a film in its context: historical, technological, political, and aesthetic.

Come see the film on celluloid and talk through some history.