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TMA 319 Casting Call "Romeo & Juliet"

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A tale of two lovers in fair Verona. Separated by a family feud the two young
lovers find that they would rather die than not be able to be with each other.

Romeo Montague: Young Man, cocksure, hopeless romantic at heart. His youth
keeps him from thinking things through while his adult status gives him the power
to follow through with his half thought plans.
Juliet Capulet: A Young Girl, Innocent and lovely, hopeless romantic and like
Romeo believes she knows all and is willing to act on her knowledge

Saturday, 02/25/23, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location of your shoot [BYU Campus? Salt Lake City? Sundance?]

Erin Gibson
Email me a Shakespearean monologue by Feb 22 nd at 11:59pm to audition!!