Name: Sharon Lee Swenson

    Title:  Assistant Professor

    Email:  sharon_swenson@byu.edu

    Division: Media Arts Critical Studies 

    Office:  F-540 HFAC

    Phone:  (801) 422-6648

    Profile:  Swenson has taught at BYU for 22 years and continues to learn a great deal from her students. Her interest in spectatorship and spirituality led to two years of fascinating work on Guilllermo del Toro’s Hellboy and the ways hybridity and liminality operate socially, narratively, and mythically, reflecting early 21st century American culture.

    Research Interests
    Film history, theory, spirituality and the moving image (in multiple forms of popular culture), spectatorship and construction of identity in film and emerging forms of media, cinematic phenomenology, narratology, film genre.

    Classes Taught

    • TMA 295 History of the Moving Image
    • TMA 391 Film Theory and Criticism
    • TMA 477R Special Issues in Media Arts
    • TMA 491 Genres
    • TMA 494 Transcendence: Religion and Film
    • TMA 497 Media as Mirror of Our Time
    • TMA 498 Media Arts Special Topics
    • TMA 416 Teacher Assistant Training
    • TMA 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies
    • TMA 691 Screens Theory

    Curriculum Vitae
    Sharon Lee Swenson CV