Name: Anne Sward-Hansen

    Title: Adjunct Professor

    Email: annesward763@msn.com

    Phone: 801-755-4950

    Division: Theatre Adjunct Faculty

    Anne Sward-Hansen has 35 years of professional experience in television, film and stage: 13 years as “Lyla Perreti” on CBS “As The World Turns”. She was an acting coach in NYC, for Warner Brothers; film acting instructor at Cypress College, CA; U of Miami, FL; UVU, and U of U. She holds a B.S. and M.A. degrees in Theatre Arts & Speech and has been acclaimed for her holistic approach in teaching film techniques. She has professionally worked in the New York, LA, Miami, and Utah markets. Ms. Sward has been an officer with the Screen Actors Guild /AFTRA and representing Utah on the National Board. She also worked with the Guild as a facilitator & acting coach for various workshops across the country, most notably Robert Redford ‘Milagro’ acting workshop with Ed Harris.