Matsen, Monroe Grace

    Name: Monroe Grace Matsen

    Title: Office Assistant


    Division: Staff

    Office: D-581 C

    Monroe was raised in Gilbert, Arizona and made her way to BYU two years ago, where she is now pursuing a degree in English as well as dual-minoring in Greek Classical Studies and Art History & Curatorial Studies. She loves children’s literature, children’s computer games, and friendly banter about social politics. If she had her way, Monroe would graduate and become a novelist by day and girl-punk-bassist by night, eventually to retire to a quaint home on the English countryside with a cow and a cat. In her free time, Monroe loves to write, try new foods, and research places she would like to visit when she has more than seventy-nine cents to her name. Monroe has loved all things performing arts since as long as she can remember, and is beyond excited to meet and work with all of the lovely folks in the TMA department.