Name: Kee Miller

    Title: Adjunct Instructor


    Division: Media Arts Adjunct Faculty

    Profile: 30 years in the Film/TV Industry, working as a Storyboard Artist, Set Decorator, Art Director, Production Designer. Have worked for all the major TV networks and Film Studios but have spent half of my career working for the LDS Church on Film Productions of various sizes.

    Finally finished requirements to graduate with a BFA from BYU in 2000 (?) and a minor in Art (Ed … or just Art… can’t remember.)
    Full-time employed at the LDS Church from 2010 – 2016 having worked on all the LDS Bible Videos as Art Director or Production Designer. Art Directed and helped design the building of the Goshen Jerusalem set. Currently Production Designing the Book of Mormon Video Series.

    2000, BFA Acting, BYU; minor in Art
    Office: LDS Motion Picture Studio

    Phone: 801-367-3519




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