LEFLER, TOMMedia Arts Administrator

    Name: Tom Lefler

    Title: Media Arts Administrator

    Email: thomas_lefler@byu.edu

    Division: AdministrationMedia Arts Nonfiction Production

    Office: F-534 HFAC

    Phone: (801) 422-3213

    Profile: A native of Utah, Tom was reared in Woodland, Utah. He is one of ten children born to Thomas L. Lefler and Elizabeth Marie Jensen Lefler. His first foray away from small town life was serving a LDS mission in the Eastern Atlantic States. He graduated in 1973 from BYU with a BA in English and American Literature. He studied two additional years in a BYU Literature Master’s program and later completed a Masters Degree in Film Studies. He left BYU for ten years working in a variety of media related businesses.  In 1982, Tom returned to the then BYU Motion Picture Studio as studio administrator and wrote, produced, and directed a wide variety of projects for BYU and the LDS Church.Presently Tom serves as an administrator/faculty member for the Department of Theatre and Media Arts. In addition to his work in teaching students, Tom continues to develop and produce professional work. He is married to Laura Kay Kay Ellis Lefler and has five children and, for now, 18 grandchildren.