Name: Jennine Hollingshaus

    Title: Adjunct Instructor

    Email: jennineh@byu.edu

    Phone: 801-380-5381

    Division: Theatre Adjunct Faculty

    Office: D112 Makeup Studio (by appointment only)

    Attended University of Lethbridge and Brigham Young University. In 1999, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, with an emphasis in makeup design.

    Jennine grew up on a small farm in Southern Alberta, Canada. She is married to Wade Hollingshaus and is the mother of 5 children. She has worked as a freelance makeup artist and educator in Utah, Washington, and Minnesota. She has been the Key Makeup Artist and Special FX specialist on the TV show Studio C since 2013.

    Courses Taught
    TMA 267: Principles of Makeup
    TMA 367: Makeup Design: Theater
    TMA 467: Makeup Projects: Media
    TMA 479: Advanced Design: SFX Makeup
    TMA 389R/489R: Makeup Design Mentor

    Curriculum Vitae: Jennine Hollingshaus