Hill, Katie Bogner

    Name: Katie Bogner Hill

    Title: Adjunct Instructor

    Division: Media Arts Adjunct Faculty

    Email: katie.hill@byu.edu

    Profile: Katie Hill has over 20 years of film industry experience. As a camera assistant, she has worked with several ASC and award winning cinematographers on national commercials, network television shows and feature films. As a cinematographer, she has shot on 35mm, 16mm and digital. Her work includes commercials, music videos, promotional and short films, as well as still product work for branded websites. Katie has been teaching since 2011.  


    BA, Media Arts, BYU, 2002

    Courses Taught

    • TMA 185 Basic Media Production
    • TMA 384R Cameras and Lenses
    • TMA 384R Shooting for a Script


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