Name: Matthew R. Carlin

    Title: Adjunct Instructor


    Division: Theatre Adjunct Faculty

    A graduate of BYU with a BFA in Acting, Matthew has been performing, teaching, and choreographing Stage Combat for over 18 years. After taking the two classes BYU has to offer, he started doing workshops and choreographing the fighting for plays, musicals, operas, short films, etc. at various schools and universities. He was the TA for both the Beginning and Advanced Stage Combat courses for 4 years. He also certified as an Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors in 2006 and again in 2009, with re-certification in specific weapons happening periodically still. Matthew has been teaching Stage Combat at a university level for over 8 years. He currently lives in Springville with his wife.

    Courses Taught
    TMA 127; Beginning Stage Combat
    TMA 325; Advanced Stage Combat