English, Brooklyn

    Name: Brooklyn English

    Title: Student Staff

    Email: tma_secretary@byu.edu

    Division: Staff

    Office: D-581 HFAC

    Phone: 801-422-6645

    Brooklyn enjoys baking delicious ginger molasses cookies and decorate beautiful cakes. She thinks sunrises are more beautiful than sunsets because it takes effort to wake up early to see them. Brooklyn once learned the names of 100 people in a single day. Brooklyn can’t swim in a pool without pretending to be a mermaid, loves hiking in caves, and rolling down hills. She has dreamed for years to go to Africa, and finally achieved that dream last summer when she went to Tanzania. She relates to the Disney princess Belle because she’s brunette, loves books, singing, is strong willed, kindhearted, and leaves the library with more books than she has time to read. Brooklyn is intrigued by people’s experiences and perspectives.