Name:  Julia Ashworth

    Title:  Theatre Education Area Head, Assistant Teaching Professor


    Division:  Theatre Education

    Office:  F-341 HFAC

    Phone:  (801) 422-4539

    Profile:  Julia Ashworth is an associate teaching professor of theatre education in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts at Brigham Young University. She has worked in the field of arts education – as an artist, administrator and K-12 teacher – for over fifteen years.  Her duties in the Theatre and Media Arts department at BYU include serving as artistic director for The Young Company and acting as program director for the Theatre Education program.  Her work focuses primarily on theatre for young audiences and applied theatre practices.

    BA, Theatre Arts Education, BYU ,1996; MA Educational Theater, New York University, 2002.

    Courses Taught

    • TMA 375 Theatre Education: Drama in the Elementary Classroom
    • TMA 377C Theatre-in-Education Practices
    • TMA 377D Theatre Education: Elementary Practicum
    • TMA 455R Young Company: Teaching Artist Theatre Tour
    • TMA 476R Theatre Education: Student Teaching Practicum


    Curriculum Vitae
    Julia Ashworth CV


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