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Students working towards a degree in Acting will have numerous opportunities to gain experience in theatre performance and production in areas tailored to fit their desired career goals. With eight main-stage plays produced each academic year, students will have ample opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the production process.

The Acting Pre-Major is open enrollment for any student interested in being accepted into the BFA Acting Program. In order to track progress through the program and to provide appropriate mentorship, students who wish to declare the major must meet with faculty and academic advisors and submit the Pre-Acting Declaration Packet to the TMA Office (D581 HFAC, 801-422-6645). Students must be declared majors before their first proficiency. Questions regarding this process may be directed to the TMA front desk or faculty advisors (see packet for contact information). A list of required courses is given on the Major Academic Plan (MAP) summary for BFA in Acting.


Applying to the Program

Declare your major

  1. Collect the declaration packet for the Acting Pre-Major from the TMA Office (D581 HFAC, 801-422-6645), or download it here.
  2. Follow the numbered instructions on the Acting Pre-Major Declaration FORM (see packet), and fill out as much information as possible.
  3. Notify CFAC Academic Advisement (D444 HFAC, 801-422-3777) you want to be an Acting Pre-Major.
  4. Submit declaration materials to the TMA Office, at which time you will receive the TMA Discount Card (provides a discount ticket to all theatre productions). Submission should include:
    • The declaration form signed by faculty and academic advisors.
    • TWO Four-year graduation plans signed by faculty and avadmic advisors—one can be MyMap. Plan A is your plan if you are accepted into the BFA Acting Major. Plan B will become your plan if you are NOT accepted into the BFA Acting Major. Plan B may be an alternate TMA major, or an alternate major outside of the TMA department.
    • A current small photo.
  5. Meet with a CFAC Advisement academic advisor once per year.
  6. Meet with faculty advisor each semester.

Entrance Requirements

The following prerequisites and two successful proficiencies are required to complete before entering the BFA Acting program: 101/102, 115, 160, 122, 125, 123/128, 222, 228, Dance 140/240.

What is a proficiency?

A proficiency is an extended audition which includes two contrasting monologues from established scripts (combined maximum time: three minutes) to show your range of ability. Your monologue choice should allow you to reveal basic honesty and objectives in character creation.

  • You are rated by three different adjudicators on a scale from 1-5 in five different areas: clarity of interpretation, vulnerability/immediacy, body, voice, and professional attitude.
  • Professional attitude accounts for 1/3 of your score (which is measured by past performance in your classes).
  • Scores are averaged and students must have an overall score of 4 or above to pass. If scores are not high enough, you may want to consider transferring to another major. However, you can receive one more opportunity to try again the next round (three opportunities total).
  • You can always contact your advisor for advice (see pre-acting declarations for contact info). Auditions are held during reading days of each semester (December 9 & 10 this year).
  • A student may audition only until he or she has no more than 60 credits, unless he or she is a transfer student. Transfer students are allowed two proficiencies regardless of credits.

Recommended for New Students

  1. In your first semester: take TMA 101/102, 160, 122, 125, and 123 (Acting) or 128 (MDT). If you cannot fit all of these in (you have GE’s you may want to fit in) then make sure you at least take 123 or 128. This class is REQUIRED to take before doing your first proficiency.
  2. Successfully complete first proficiency.  If you pass, you will receive a permission to add code to get into the next level of acting courses.
  3. In your second semester: take TMA 115, 222, 228, Dance 140/240. If you cannot fit all of these in, make sure you at least take 228. This class is REQUIRED to take before your second proficiency.
  4. Complete second proficiency. If scores between all three attempts are not high enough, then you must choose another major.
  5. Complete the rest of your prerequisites (if any are incomplete).
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