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A BA in Theatre Arts Studies provides hands-on training, critical thinking skills, and the development of professional ethics across the various performance disciplines. Students focus on a particular area of interest and are trained in skills that can be used in multiple production and media environments. A list of required courses is given on the Major Academic Plan (MAP) summary for BA in Theatre Arts Studies.
Students will have opportunity to participate in dozens of theatre and film projects directed by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Teaching assistantships and hourly jobs are available within the department for upper-division students. Internships are available with school districts, as well as with theatre, film, and television companies.

Those interested in the Music Dance Theatre BFA or in the Acting BFA, should declare the Acting Pre-major, not the Theatre Arts Studies major. Applicants to the Music Dance Theatre BFA may also need to declare the Music Pre-major.

Areas of interest include:

  • General Theatre Studies
  • Dramaturgy
  • Playwriting
  • Directing
  • Stage Management
  • Design and Technology (divided into 5 sub-categories)
    1. Costume
    2. Lighting
    3. Makeup
    4. Scenic
    5. Sound

View applicable courses for each area of interest here.


Applying to the Program

  1. Download the declaration packet for the Theatre Arts Students major/minor, or collect it from the TMA office (D581 HFAC, 801-422-6645). For transfer students, download the declaration packet for transfer students.
  2. Follow the numbered instructions on the Theatre Arts Studies Declaration FORM (see packet), and fill out as much information as possible. There is no deadline for this declaration, but students must be declared majors before they can take most 200-level and above classes.
  3. Notify CFAC Academic Advisement (D444 HFAC, 801-422-3777) that you want to be a Theatre Arts Studies major or minor.
  4. Submit declaration materials to the TMA office, at which time you will receive the TMA Discount Card (provides a discount ticket to all theatre productions). Submission should include:
    • Declaration form signed by faculty and academic advisors
    • Four year graduation pan signed by faculty and academic advisors (not required for minors)
    • A current small photo.


  1. Meet with a CFAC advisement academic advisor once per year.
  2. Meet with a faculty advisor each semester.
  3. Complete the following prerequisite courses: TMA 101, 102, and 160.
  4. Complete the following foundation courses: TMA 115, 123, and 236.
  5. Complete the following theatre core courses: 201, 202, 260R, 360R, 395, 396, and 401.
  6. Complete 20 elective hours (12 must be upper-division) in consultation with a faculty advisor.


  1. Contact CFAC Advisement to fill out a minor clearance form.
  2. Meet with faculty advisor each semester.
  3. Complete the following prerequisite courses: TMA 101, and 160.
  4. Complete the following core courses: TMA 115, 201, and 202.
  5. Complete one course from the following: TMA 123, 236, 251, or 352.
  6. Complete one of the following: 260R or 360R.
  7. Complete one of the following: 395 or 396
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