Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Students working towards a degree in Acting will have numerous opportunities to gain experience in theatre performance and production in areas tailored to fit their desired career goals. With eight main-stage plays produced each academic year, students will have ample opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the production process.
For more information on BFA Acting, please visit our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting page.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Dance Theatre (MDT)

The Music Dance Theatre (MDT) major is a unique integration of the disciplines of Music, Dance, and Theatre. The School of Music, the Department of Dance, and the Department of Theatre and Media Arts have combined their resources to create a nationally accredited course of study/training leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Carefully designed by these three departments, classes feature an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to stimulate the highest level of professionalism for the student who desires to pursue a career as a professional singer, actor, and dancer.
For more information on MDT, please visit our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Dance Theatre website. For further information about program requirements, click below to view our MDT catalogue.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Education

The theatre arts education K–12 degree program is designed to prepare students to become creative teachers who can meet the educational needs of elementary and secondary school theatre students. The skills the program emphasizes include, but are not limited to, interpersonal communication, social, life, acting, directing, writing, historical/analytical, and design/production skills. In addition to developing highly skilled educators, the program is designed to develop strong directing and production skills in each prospective teacher.
For more information on Theatre Arts Education, please visit our Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Education page.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Studies

A BA in Theatre Arts Studies provides hands-on training, critical thinking skills, and the development of professional ethics across the various performance disciplines. Students focus on a particular area of interest and are trained in skills that can be used in multiple production and media environments. Students will have opportunity to participate in dozens of theatre and film projects directed by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Those interested in the Music Dance Theatre BFA or in the Acting BFA, should declare the Acting Pre-major, not the Theatre Arts Studies major. Applicants to the Music Dance Theatre BFA may also need to declare the Music Pre-major.
For more information on Theatre Arts Studies, please visit our Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Studies page.