Theatre and Media Arts major Malori Bigler is a children’s animation enthusiast. Bigler will speak in the April Theatre and Media Arts Convocation this month, where she will discuss how character’s journeys in film and media can relate to our own lives.

Originally from Herriman, Utah, Bigler loves Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. While studying at BYU, Bigler had the opportunity to complete an internship with Cartoon Network in Burbank, California where she worked in the studios with the comedy development team.

“I think what set me apart in the interview was just how passionate I was about children’s media,” Bigler said. “It has a powerful impact on how people grow up and the beliefs they have.”

Bigler said the experience at Cartoon Network was a fantastic opportunity to work on shows that she loved.

Aside from her internship, Bigler has been involved in a number of film projects at BYU. This summer two of Bigler’s scripts will be produced as part of a “Six Week Cinema” project where a team of students creates a film in six weeks.

Additionally, after pitching the idea of a gender-swapped Robin Hood, Bigler was approached by a professor suggesting the department take it on as a Special Project. Bigler’s written project was then created in a vlog style with the goal being to have a number of girls on screen as well as girls in production roles such as director, cinematographer and producer. Bigler worked as a project manager on this project.

Bigler has also been involved in a number of capstone projects where she has worked on the art crew, as a production designer and as an art director.

After graduation Bigler is considering either graduate school to pursue a Master’s of screenwriting or moving to Los Angeles to find a job as a writer’s assistant or production assistant.

Click here to the view the graduation live stream.

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