Congratulations to all the students who were recognized at the Theatre End-of-Year student celebration! Listed below are the awards that were given to the theatre students.

  • Excellence in Costume Design: Shannon McCurdy for Beauty and the Beast
  • Excellence in Sound Design: Jacqueline Barrett for Mother Courage and Her Children and Taylor Glad for Beauty and the Beast
  • Outstanding Overall Production: Alyssa Bybee, Jacquline Barrett, Bradlee Hager, Shannon McCurdy, Celia Rivera, and Kristen Watkins for Alice in Wonderland
  • Mayhew Full-length Playwriting Award: Chandra Lloyd for Happy Sadness
  • Mayhew One-Act Playwriting Award: Kristen Perkins for Cycles
  • Mayhew 10-Minute Playwriting Award: Kristen Perkins for Freeze
  • Mayhew 10-Minute Playwriting Award: Jacob Baird for The Longest Shift at Greasy Steve’s
  • Outstanding Mask Club Production: Caitlin Hall for Persephone 
  • Outstanding Mask Club Production: Scott Savage for The King and the Magician
  • O. Lee Walker Outstanding Costume Technician Award: Rebekah Jackson
  • O. Lee Walker Outstanding Makeup Technician Award: Valeri Day
  • Outstanding Acting Student Award: Brittany Stahly and Morgan Gunter
  • Outstanding Directing Student Award: Lauren Wilkins and Amberly Plourde
  • Outstanding MDT Student Award: Devin Neilson
  • Outstanding Playwriting Student Award: Chandra Lloyd
  • Outstanding Stage Management Student Award: Cali Holocombe
  • Oustanding Theatre Critical Studies Students Award: Kristen Perkins and Franny Gleave
  • Oustanding Dramaturgy Student Award: Rick Curtiss
  • Outstanding Theatre Education Student Award: Amberly Plourde
  • Outstanding Theatre Student Runner-ups: Jasmine Fullmer, Shannon McCurdy, Kasey Kopp, Marcella Toronto, Eric Stroud
  • Oustanding Theatre Student Award: Katie Jarvis
  • Outstanding TMA Office Runner-ups: Ruth Bott, Lauren Hanson
  • Outstanding TMA Office Employee: Cassidy Crook 

Check out the Theatre End-of-Year Celebration Video:

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