“The things we do for our art.”

That’s what Shawnda Moss, director of “Charlotte’s Web” at BYU, said when Meg Flinders, who plays the titular barn spider in the production, pulled up her pant leg, revealing a shiny bruise behind her knee, during an interview with Moss and some of the cast to discuss the new play opening at the Pardoe Theatre this week.

“I’m so sore,” Flinders said, laughing. “I get bruises a lot. I have one on my other knee, I have one on the inside of my thigh … ”

The cause of Flinders’ bodily stress is the choice the team made to portray Charlotte using aerial silks — a type of acrobatic technique used in the cirque arts. Flinders trained under professional aerialist Ramsi Nia Stoker before the rest of the cast even met together for the first rehearsals.

Read the rest of the article at the Daily Herald.

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