By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Stephanie Breinholt

Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, was first produced in 1938 without an elaborate set or any physical props. The play was incredibly innovative for its time, and won the Pulitzer Prize for drama that year. In celebration of one of the first productions in the HFAC and as part of its 50th anniversary, the production includes a large projector screen along the back of the stage, on which scenes of the play will extend across the barrier between screen and stage. This production, the fifth of this play, “aspires to be as innovative as the play’s original 1938 run.” Jacob Swain plays the stage manager, Brittany Stahly is Emily Webb, and Morgan Gunter as George Gibbs. Mandee Wilcox was the dramaturg, Ashley Cookwas the costume designer, and the hair and make-up co-designers were Celia Riveraand Marie Parker. Designers had to design for both theatre and film productions. Clayton Cranford served as the associate director, Hannah Richardson was the production stage manager, and Kyle Sawyer was the film production sound mixer. A special shout out to David Jon Bankswho served as the assistant director, the director of photography and the composer. All of the production staff except the director were students.

Our Town Publicity 2