Congratulations to all the students who were recognized at the Media Arts End-of-Year student celebration! Listed below are the awards that were given to the media arts students.

  • Outstanding Media Arts Student Awards: Jessica Marquis Bryant, Bronte Campbell, Melody Chow, Willem Kampenhout, Melissa Lee, Meritt Mecham,and Peter Walton
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Fiction: Matt Seimers, Jarom Cowan,and Nick Ritter
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Non-Fiction: Eric So and Camlyn Giddens
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Critical Studies: Katherine Kendall, Elizabeth Miller, Brittany Vance, and Amanda Barwick
  • Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts Writing: Jacob Gibson, Malori Bigler,and Ian Hawkes
  • Special Media Arts Award for Innovation: Malori Bigler
  • Mayhew Screenwriting Award – Web Series: Jacob Gibson for Temporal Family and Ian David Hawkes for Jesse Owen’s Adventures in Scriptworld 
  • 1st Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Daniel Tu for We the People
  • 2nd Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Alexis Kaegi for Peace Room
  • 3rd Place Mayhew Screenwriting Award: Hannah Harper for Mom?
  • Mayhew Screenwriting Award – Feature Film: Jacob Gibson for Dissonance
  • Animation “You’ve Done good” Award: Aubrey Archer
  • Aperture screenplay Award: Mary Leavy for Land Under the Sun
  • Aperture Essay Award: Deidrene Crisant for Canceling the Apocalypse: Globalization Processes in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim
  • Aperture New Media Award: Sam Woodruff for Journey to the States
  • Outstanding Media Arts TA/Employees: Dhane Taylor, Merritt Mecham, Lindsay Kampenhout, Katherine Kendall, Jesse Baird, David Heath, Taylor Lewis, Jessica Bryant, Morgan Akana, Max Carter, Ben Hopkins, Amanda Barwick, Hadley Holyoak, Emily Bade, Colton Elzey, Helen Butcher, Malori Bigler, Hannah Harper, Caitlin Walton, Peter Walton, Lauren VanDerwerken, and Melissa Young
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