“This week was travel week for the BYU Theater Students in London. And while we were all already world travelers, now we are well-seasoned world travelers! We had regular class Monday morning, and then we were free to go for the rest of the week. Groups of students to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Paris!

“There were also some students who chose to stay in London and go to several shows and events that are a once in a lifetime opportunities. Everyone has been having amazing experiences and there were even some leprechaun sightings. We all returned to London on the evening of May 28 so we could be prepared to attend our assigned wards the next day. Things are going well and we are excited for the rest of the program!”

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Photo of students in Film London Study Abroad programGielgud Theatre in London’s West End during the 2012 London Olympic Games. Photo: Jeffrey Martin, BYU Arts