There are four media arts student capstone films that have been approved for production. Two capstones have finished filming and are in post-production. Two other films will shoot this fall. The capstones are as listed:
  • RAISIN: fiction film currently in post-production, directed by Danny Hunt and produced by Olivia Taylor. Synopsis: two young girls are transported to another dimension where raisin-headed aliens pretend to be their parents.
  • THE WIZARD OF BISMARCK: Fiction film currently in post-production, directed by Jarom Cowan and produced by Rachel Erikson. Synopsis: In the heart of North Dakota, on man must overcome a hoard of mythical beasts and an Evil Warlick to claim his place as the Wizard of Bismarck, even if he makes a fool out of himself along the way.
  • BROOKLYN TOO: Fiction film currently in pre-production, directed by Cameron Babcock and produced by Garrett Helgesen. Synopsis: With the help of her imaginary friend, Brooklyn, a seven-year-old girl searches for a job to help her single mother.
  • MAGGIE: Fiction film currently in pre-production, directed by Lindsay Kampenhout and produced by Jonny Cuesta. Synopsis: A new mother struggles to help her imaginative 9-year-old step daughter give up a beloved doll that has caused her to be bullied and socially isolated.
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