After (literally) flying around the stage in tailored suits and bustled dresses, actors and actresses in BYU’s “Mary Poppins” are given a mere 25 seconds to change into completely different costumes before the next scene begins. Impossible, right?

Fortunately, the BYU Costume Shop is used to making the impossible happen — and doing it in style.

With their help, Bert can fly upside down with a suit strategically tailored for harness clips. Mary’s dress can fold out as she dances, then collapse back into itself when she’s ready for a leisurely stroll.

“The early 1900s was a rather stiff period, actually,” said Rory Scanlon, BYU theatre and media arts professor and costume designer. “Women were in fairly tight dresses and men were in tailored suits, and yet the actors have to be able to dance and roll and leap around the stage.” And all of the production’s 22 actors and actresses can change costumes in a flash.

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